Alexis Turner

From style wilderness to height of cool, Taxidermy has staged an extraordinary comeback. No longer confined to stately homes, stuffed animals are appearing everywhere from modern apartments to luxury department stores. High-profile artists have rejuvenated the medium and Museums have dusted down their Historic Collections and restored them to their former glory. Illustrated with stunning photography that explores this rich art-form, past and present.

Also published in USA, France and Germany.

Signed and personally dedicated copies available exclusively from London Taxidermy.

‘Alexis Turner's TAXIDERMY is historical, romantic and curiosity-shop voyeurism. Turner's book is the first to consider this medium as an art form. The renowned London dealer and collector showcases the very best of both classic work and modern contemporary pieces'
 – Huffington Post

‘This beautifully bound book covers taxidermy's story, starting with the Egyptian mummification of cats to contemporary feather fashion on the cat walk'
 – San Francisco Chronicle

‘This book is eye candy...’
 – The New York Times
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